Where True Freedom Begins

Celebrating the holiday of the power of being Free.

Where Freedom is key, begins with celebrating our own personal Freedom.

For us, here now, it is a God given right. The right of free choice. It is the Freedom of choice and it comes from deep within our own selves. I believe that Freedom comes from Practicing Gratitude everyday.

How can this be done when all around is chaotic? Coping with so much hatred and chaos that surrounds us in our lives….. whether specific incidents or the vitriol coming at us in daily life (internet, TV, conversations).

Well, I believe the most important process is to Center the self in the ‘Love and Peace’ that lies within our core. From there I practice the Gratitude coming out of where I am in my own life. Not BS gratitude, but real Gratitude of health, friends, family, country etc. I will take the time to think of an example of each… it is a juicy experience every time.

Can you remember something that happened to you today that made you smile? If so, how fortunate and how lucky you are to connect to your inner Gratitude. This Gratitude is the impetus that can move each of us forward and do what we feel is right for us as individuals. Prayer, volunteering or just loving those who surround themselves with hate.

Affecting change in the world begins with ourselves.

Being Grateful for this every day is pure Freedom.

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