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Hi there. If you are reading this, I assume you are looking for help in virtually ridding pain from your body. It is my mission in life help you.  As a healer, I naturally release pain so you can focus, be more engaged and LIVE your best life.   

My name is Roberta with ‘a Healing Touch - Pain Relief’. I’ve been a healer for over 20 years and understand, myself, what it is like to live with pain. Be it physical, emotional or both, pain can wreak havoc on one’s life. The good news is, my experienced hands have help over 90% of the people I meet.

This blog is my way of informing you on many topics I have researched and actually experienced myself. Since I’m new at this blogging, if you have any ideas or comments to share, please contact me. Connecting with people is how I roll.

This first blog is about physical pain. I have observed tons. Everything from those who were born with physical attributes to Trauma Survivors to cancer Patients. I use the lower case for the word cancer.

In the case of Trauma, the commonality is in the systems of the body which has become disturbed and then not resolved. An example is, breaking a bone in your arm. You can get it set and it will heal; however, the trauma still resides in the energy body. It acts like a knot on a smooth piece of string. It definitely affects the energy flow. It might not be recognized but it can manifest in many ways. Sometimes it will cause symptoms, which is a way the body tells us to bring help fast. Like an SOS. Sometimes it is just the body not feeling ‘right’.  The ‘knot’ in the energy body can be smoothed out by several modalities/techniques and a knowledgeable pair of hands. By the end of the session, symptoms should calm down or release completely. 

In the case of those born with physical attributes, it is a bit more complicated. There are so many pieces of the puzzle that need to get addressed. The good news is with using a combination of energy techniques, the body’s wisdom will guide the healing to where it is needed in the flow of energy. I have worked with several of these beautiful clients both in person and with long distance. All received relief.

The third type is cancer patients. I’ve experienced many going through the journey with varying results. Energy work mainly helps to deeply relax the client so the healing energy can have an easier path to support the body. The result is usually some type of relief.

This subject is difficult to put on paper as there is so much more involved.

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