Surrendering What is

When life gets so heavy and being in Joy seems so far from where I stand, what can I do? For me, the first thing is I take a moment to close my eyes and breath. Then I spend time observing what is going on around me. Then I Surrender (Let Go)


With the practices I’ve learned over my life experiences, I know that ‘Joy’ IS always within my heart and that it is only my mind/thoughts that cover it. So, I remind myself of that. First down annnnd check.

Next I look at how I’m doing physically. If I’m experiencing pain or exhaustion or (fill in the blank), then I know the first step is to take time for self care.

Then I look at how I’m doing emotionally. Usually if I’m not feeling like my groovy ‘ol self,  my mind is involved with the business of others or of the world. When I realize that, I use my practice and remind myself of WHO I AM.

This practice begins with Surrender. From my time with a few teachers and at the Ashram, I have learned how to combine breath, prayer and physical methods to release….or….Surrender what is.

Surrender is essential to releasing the heavy thoughts that consume and clog our physic system. One of my teachings (that came from a great Yogi, Swami Rudrananda) said the breath and surrender practice, is like ‘physic drano’.

After releasing or surrendering, the space inside is freed up to allow the Light to pervade.

With Surrender and the Light that comes in as a result of it, a shift begins to occur within me.

From there I can go forward with other practices OR just BE. Choosing to BE ME.

With Gratitude and Love, I would love to share other practices in this blog with you from time to time. Please contact me and let me know if you would like any further information on the practices of Surrender.


The painting I did above is of me surrendering and releasing to God, making room for the LOVE and LIGHT which is WHO I AM.

After surrender and release of what is, only deep Peace and true Respect for the wisdom of the Creator exists.

Letting Go and Letting God
It’s a beautiful thing.
So very Blessed
Gratitude at it’s highest 
-Roberta Millard

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