Sitting in Faith

A few months ago, with the help of my wonderful teacher Lance Green, I completed painting a vision I had. This has has proven to be profound to walking my journey. After I painted it, I surrendered this vision to the universe which in turn released and freed up space for a greater understanding to come in.

Below is the journal that accompanies the painting. As I share it there is another release. I am so very Grateful that I am able to paint and release. So cathartic. Grateful for all the support and Love. Just Grateful.

I AM an Indian woman.
I am sitting on a large flat boulder in the middle of a large stream. The landscape is fairly flat then turning into large bluffs on either side of me.
The river is calm around the boulder but turbulent in front and behind. Next to the boulder I can see my reflection. I am older but my reflection is of a younger self. I am wearing a light buckskin dress and feathers in my hair. My hair is black but heavily streaked with grey and white.
It is warm as the sun is high in the sky, yet I am wearing my prayer shawl. The shawl is threadbare but still beautiful. It represents one being wrapped in Faith of what is. The river represents my thoughts and my life. The hawk in the sky represents my gurardians that are always there.
I sit in peace. All has become part of the river…just thoughts.
When I wade into the river, it is suffocating, so I have learned to quickly rise above. Surrendering yet Loving …. Always Loving.
I no longer want to stay in the river, allowing myself to sit in peace on the rock.

The rock is my Faith and my foundation.
The Sun warms my entire being…The sun is my Faith.
The bluffs that surrounding me are strong and steady. The bluffs are my Faith.

A prayer is coming from my lips. It is familiar yet I do not understand the words. I understand the content. It is an old familiar saying. I am whispering ‘Mitakuye Oyasen’. I notice small yellow butterflies floating a short ways from me. I know my guardians and angels are present. Always present.

I AM Loved
I AM Faith
I AM at Peace

After I had this vision, I looked up the words ‘Mitakuye Oyasen’ and it is an old Lakota prayer meaning ‘All my relatives; we are all related; prayer of oneness and harmony with all forms of life. It is a prayer I used to say years and years ago but had forgotten.

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