Meet Roberta

Your expert energy healer

ROberta Millare, Energy Healer

Professional Certifications 

  • Massage therapy
  • Reiki I, II and Master (times 2)
  • Cranialsacral
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Orthobionomy
  • Therapeutic Touch
  • Meditation Teacher
  • Myofascial release
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Firefighter
  • Passive Somatic Release

Professional Organizations

  • Energy Medicine Professional Association
  • Healing Touch Professional Association
  • Business Women’s Network


Roberta is an amazing and talented artist with the brush! She expresses her energy work beautifully on canvas and you can see her many of her paintings when you visit her office.  Check out her amazing and inspired paintings online!

Journey & Adventure

Roberta Milliard is a well-rounded being who has gathered much knowledge and wisdom over the years. As a master at her craft, her journey has been quite the colorful walk.  Her adventures through childhood, adulthood, motherhood, and BEing a healer have provided the opportunity to learn many sides of the human experience.

She has had an up close and personal view of going from a victim to a survivor to blooming into the thriver that she is. She can truly understand without judgment; deep depression, abuse, addiction, cancer, and many other life experiences that make each of us unique. She looks to every experience as being ‘rich’ as they allow us to really know what others can only read about. In her own experiences, she has chosen to use these as her master teacher. She believes the more difficult, the groovier the learning is.

Experiences taught her to thrive and to teach

Learn how energy is a part of our life

Doing this research also changed how she showed up to life. It brought about a deep understanding about how ‘energy’ works from the smallest of particles (sub-atomic) to the human body. How using this knowledge can shift or move pain. It is truly inspired by Nature, Science and the Laws of the Universe. It became a part of her life as well as an inspiration.

While researching the practice of energy, she also took countless workshops on techniques to release pain. She has learned many somatic (hands on) techniques as well as Reiki master and more energetic modalities (such as craniosacral). After years learning many different protocols, she studied specialized training in listening to the body and how it wants to move. She’s kind of a ‘body whisperer’.

Her intuition is behind her talent as a 'body whisperer'

She knows just how real pain is

She also uses her own growth and past experiences to understand how people process their pain. She understands that emotional pain can show up as physical pain. She truly understands that the pain is real and most times is symbiotic with each other.

By combining the techniques learned over the past 20 years along with conscious awareness (mindfulness), she has created a true balance that clients can feel from their core. It is authentic and true ‘Knowing’ with the purpose of helping others. This Knowing enables the body’s ability to release blocks and makes room for growth.

Create a true
balance you can feel in your core

A privilege to
connect & share

Most importantly, she genuinely and joyfully honors her ‘Healing Touch Pain Release’ practice and considers it a privilege to be able to connect and share with others.

Her dedication and knowledge of the human body on many different levels and her convictions of Faith and Unconditional Love, give her a different and effective approach to being a true Healer.

Unconditional Love & Faith