Are you feeling stuck?

Being ‘stuck’ can look like many things. Physical or Emotional. You CAN BE Free from feeling stuck. Free to move forward in your journey. It can manifest itself in a physical way. Experiencing reoccurring aches and pains. No matter how many trips to the Chiropractor, massage therapist, physical therapist or etc. The pain just keeps returning.

From my own experience, I believe it returns because there is a deeper emotional component that needs to be released to fully heal. Being ‘Stuck’ can manifest itself in an emotional sense. Never seeming to move forward.

Experiencing a nagging feeling that ‘I AM not good enough’.

The ‘negativity beast’ hangs around and it seems life is a struggle to just keep your head above the clouds. The feeling of being ‘blocked’ from Joy. No matter if you are stuck in the physical or emotional, either way can be UNstuck, if you are ready.

The process I use, will allow you to heal. It facilitates conscious healing by combining the physical and energetic modalities studied over 20 years along with my own personal emotional healing experience. It is an honor to share this sacred and authentic purpose with you. The journey begins by coming into a space where the sights and sounds are all conducive to YOU feeling safe and comfortable.

We begin by talking about what is keeping you stuck from moving forward.From there we will move to the massage table (where you are fully clothed, but get cozy under a nice soft covering). Becoming deeply relaxed with breath and visualization, I will scan your body field on all levels, sensing with intuition where the issues lie. Customizing the gentle process I use, literally ‘unwinds’ what has been bound up.

If you allow, this process will release the physical binds and lightens the emotional load. In one hour, you will feel a difference. You will feel lighter. And, the process will keep on working for 24-48 hours, releasing and opening space.

This work is subtle yet powerful…. And, if you are ready, it will set you free to feel content and serene. It is an amazing transformation to JOY, PEACE and HARMONY.

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