Are you experiencing PHYSICAL pain?

If you are experiencing PHYSICAL pain such as sciatica, hip, neck, shoulder, head aches etc…

The physical pain is real but sometimes people go to doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, PT etc., to only receive short term relief. If all physical options have been looked at –[x-ray to make sure there is not a structural issue, MRI to make sure there is not soft tissue damage, then on to which shoes are being worn, how client walks, sits etc], sometimes the reason the ‘pain’ comes back is a deeper issue.

 In my experience the big picture is that a body cycles in spirals. The cycle of life is Birth/Death, Breath in/Breath out, happy/sad, awareness/ unawareness and so on.  We start off Life in balance of this cycle and sometimes a trauma can get us stuck in pain. This trauma can be either physical (like a fall or car accident) or emotional (abuse, relationship break up, grief etc).

Sometimes the emotional pain will show itself as physical.Once we can identify where the pain is, I use somatic-passive release, passive stretching along with the bonus rounds of energetic touch and Reiki. It’s truly amazing to see and feel how the body reacts to the spiral and energetic touch, supporting and allowing self-correction for a person’s own healing mechanism. The result is a quick working realignment, relaxation and deep sense of well- being. This is always a gentle loving process that is extremely effective.   

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