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You deserve to feel well

A Healing Touch Pain Release works in conjunction with healthcare providers to heal people who experience chronic pain, through non-invasive healing techniques.

Simply stated, we are devoted to healing people who experience chronic pain. Roberta Millard, of A Healing Touch Pain Release, has an accumulation of 20+ years of education, experience, hard work, and dedication to becoming in tune to a gift of using quantum physics to shift and release pain.


A Healing Touch Pain Release combines many traditional and alternative modalities to tap into the body’s innate wisdom and response patterns.


The effect is a gentle and effective treatment session with each individual and their own unique situation, which led them to our door.

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How we

Release the pain

A Healing Touch Pain Release combines the use of quantum physics (movement shifts on a subatomic level), learned physical techniques, and subtle-body energy methods.


We are surround by light and love.  It is constantly and freely available to us, but we must clear space for it and invite it in.  With energy healing, we find the sources of blockages and release and remove them and through pure intention fill your space up with light and love.  When we are filled with light and love, healing can begin naturally to restore us to our natural center and state of wholeness.


Because everyone’s situation is unique, each healing is different. Through spiritual guidance, many different techniques may be used to find, determine root cause, and restore balance to virtually eliminate pain.  We work together to define goals to achieve wholeness and freedom to begin your journey to a virtually pain free life.


You are the owner of your life and it may be difficult to see how beautiful  you are and your life can be.  Energy is pure love that many of us have wandered away from through the busyness of daily living and can be the reason we feel stuck, unbalanced, forgotten, unloved, or not even feel anything at all.  Energy healing works to restore balance, peace, and self-love so that you can rediscover your true self and feel the freedom to live again.

What can we do?

Our amazing services

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Energetic Touch is a holistic, evidence based therapy that incorporates the science of quantum physics with the intentional and compassionate use of universal energy. Each treatment uses the practitioner as a conduit to a loving healing touch in order to release any pain and blocks in a person’s body.

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With repeated practice of applying pressure and manipulating nerve endings (traditionally in the foot), reflexology can help clear any channels of blocked energy through moving the flow of blood, nutrients, and nerve impulses to ultimately improve overall health and balance.

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Custom oil blends can be used for managing various health issues and have been proven to change emotional states.

In my practice, I use a ‘grounding and release’, ‘Joyful’ and ‘Enlightenment’ blend.  As an added bonus, they smell divine!


We love our clients!

I had a fantastic reflexology session with Roberta. She is so incredibly caring and compassionate. When I left, I felt calm, grounded, and relaxed. I would highly recommend you visit her today!

- Karrie P.

Roberta is amazing! Her grounded spirit resets and tones the people she touches. Her gifted, no-nonsense approach was welcomed.

- Sherry M.

Roberta is an gentle healer with a big heart! Whether she is doing energy work or custom oils, each treatment is tailored to the individual. She’s truly amazing!

- Amanda N.

I am amazed by the healing I received from Roberta. She has extraordinary gifts and honestly I couldn’t begin to explain how she does what she does! I felt like I was transported into a realm of profound relaxation and healing.

- Sonya S.

Special Offer

Complimentary 5 ml Essential Oil

Enjoy a free custom oil blend on your first visit!  Custom oils are a blending of essential oils (‘pure therapeutic grade oil of the plant’). These can be used for managing various health issues and have been proven to change emotional states. In my practice, I use a ‘grounding and release’, ‘Joyful’ and ‘Enlightenment’ blend. As an added bonus…

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Something About Me

Roberta Millard

is a well-rounded being who has gathered much knowledge and wisdom over the years. As a master at her craft, her journey has been quite the colorful walk. Her adventures through childhood, adulthood, motherhood, and BEing a healer have provided the opportunity to learn many sides of the human experience.

She has had an up close and personal view of going from a victim to a survivor to blooming into the thriver that she is. She can truly understand without judgment; deep depression, abuse, addiction, cancer, and many other life experiences that make each of us unique.

She looks to every experience as being ‘rich’ as they allow us to really know what others can only read about. In her own experiences, she has chosen to use these as her master teacher. She believes the more difficult, the groovier the learning is.